Aman Farms - Faithfully stewarding the land

At Aman Farms it’s about faithfully stewarding the land and the animals in a way that honours and benefits both.

That’s why we can offer you the best in organic and humanely raised farm fresh products. Since 2005 our family farm has been providing good food for ourselves and others in the community we’ve grown with and love.

Part of the Community

Farm Tours

Learn all about farm life, visit the animals and enjoy treats fresh from the kitchen!


We are at the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market every Saturday, year-round, from 10 am until 2 pm and would love to meet you.


Throughout the summer we have people come from all over the world, exchanging their time and effort for room and board. 

One of our greatest joys is welcoming guests to the farm. Together we learn about farming, create new ideas to make the animals happier and healthier and share food, laughter and sometimes tears. 
One of our long-term goals is to mentor the next generation of regenerative farmers, helping them to create their own product lines on our farm. Know any wannabe farmers?

Life on the Farm

Life on a farm is never boring! Throughout the year, we have so much going on, from guest stays to animal adventures. We firmly believe that raising animals in as stress-free an environment as possible makes for healthier, more nutritious products. That means knowing how they were designed to live and trying to emulate that. This brings an added benefit of using their characteristics to our benefit. It’s a lot more work but we think it’s worth it!

Moving the hens

Moving the hens

It's spring (sort of) and it's time to move the hens and their egg-mobile to their summer...

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