Why are some people reacting to wheat products? What I have discovered in the last year through research and my own experiences are that there are three things that we can do to make wheat (and other grain products) much more digestible.

Eat only organic grain: It is common practice in conventional farming to spray grain with herbicide (such as Roundup) just prior to harvest in order to force the grain to channel it’s energies into producing seed. It also starts the drying process. Organic grain is never sprayed with heribicide. Glysophate (Roundup) is known to cause stomach, intestinal and reproductive system problems such as leaky gut syndrome.

Eat heritage grain such as Red Fife Wheat, spelt, etc: Modern grain has a much higher gliadin count than heritage grain (by about 80%!). Gliadin is the part of the gluten protein that scientists suspect causes auto-immune reactions.

Soak your grains: soaking grains or fermenting them (like in sourdough bread) reduces the phytic acid amount, making it easier for our digestive systems to absorb the nutrients in the grain.