At Aman Farms it's about faithfully stewarding the land and the animals in a way that honours and benefits both.

That's why we can offer you the best in organic and humanely raised Farm Fresh Products

Life on the Farm

Humanely raised, pastured, certified organic chicken!

We only raise our meat chicken in the summer...

Moving the hens

It’s spring (sort of) and it’s time...


Eleanor has done it again with 10 beautiful...

Wheat and digestion issues

Why are some people reacting to wheat products?...

Winter on the farm

Even in winter the animals love being outdoors!...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri Call ahead Sat-Sun 8am-10pm

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Farm Fresh Products

Free Range Eggs

Our hens reward us with lots of fresh eggs…

Fresh Baking

healthy and delicious breads made with freshly milled organic heritage grains.

Pastured Chicken

Our chicken are put out onto pasture…

Pastured Pork

Our heritage Berkshire pigs have been raised…

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