About Us 

In 2005 we felt the call to purchase land and learn to steward it, providing good food for ourselves and others.

When Richard and I were married in Toronto in 1983, farming was the farthest thing from our minds! But sometime in the early 1990’s we both started to feel the call to sell everything and move to the country.

Much to the disappointment of our parents we sold the house we designed and built, sold Richard’s successful business, packed up our two young boys and moved to Athens.

We fell in love with the people and wonderful rural lifestyle of Athens. For fifteen years we worked hard, became very involved in our community and home schooled our children.

In 2005, with our kids grown up and us in mid-life, we felt the call again. This time it was to purchase land and learn to steward it, providing good food for ourselves and others.

Through this whole journey the faithfulness of God has not only been our anchor but also our motivation. Hence the name Aman Farms. Aman is the Hebrew word for faithful, but it also means guardian, established, master craftsman and even rock.

Join us on our journey as we faithfully steward the land.

Richard and Karen Cook
Plum Hollow, Ontario

As nature intended

We firmly believe that raising animals in as stress-free an environment as possible makes for healthier, more nutritious products. That means knowing how they were designed to live and trying to emulate that. This brings an added benefit of using their characteristics to our benefit. It’s a lot more work but we think it’s worth it!

Natural Environment

We raise our pigs in the forest because they were designed to live in the forest. It is important to us to keep the pigs in family groups. They are very social animals!

Supplemental Feed

Our animals only get supplemental feed which contains grains which were produced with NO chemical fertilizers, NO GMO, NO pesticides and NO herbicides.


Chickens on pasture, moved every day eat grass (no mowing), fertilize, lay down seeds they couldn’t digest (replant), clean up insects, dethatch. The chickens leave their manure behind thanks to the wire mesh floor in their coop.

News From the Farm 

Moving the hens

Moving the hens

It's spring (sort of) and it's time to move the hens and their egg-mobile to their summer...



Eleanor has done it again with 10 beautiful little piglets born on Easter weekend. New births are...

Winter on the farm

Winter on the farm

Even in winter the animals love being outdoors! Our yet-to-produce-an-egg ducks are the first to...

Fresh bacon

Fresh bacon

Nitrate free, hickory smoked bacon from our pastured pigs!   I wish I could attach the wonderful...